TET-CS tech compass


The torq TET-CS, or Carbon Strip is the next level in our Revolutionary Epoxy Technology, using the same advanced TET process with a performance oriented lay-up. The Carbon strip allows us to reduce the lamination thickness but keeps the strength and stiffness, so the boards are lighter, but still super strong.


The Fish shapes feature a UD Carbon Strip on the base for strength but allowing additional flex. The deck has an additional Impact Mesh deck patch, designed to spread the force of impact to reduce dings.

TORQ TET-CS technology image TORQ TET-CS technology image


On the Funboard and Longboards, the UD carbon strip is used on the deck and base for torsional strength, meaning less fiberglass, less overall weight and more ‘pop’.

The result; less weight, same strength and a killer new look.

TORQ TET-CS technology image TORQ TET-CS technology image
Fins Epoxy

futures fins logo Our fin system is designed by Futures Fins of California - one of the most respected fin systems on the planet.

Torq TET-CS surfboards all come with fins. The ModFish comes with 5 fin boxes for either Quad or Thruster set up and supplied with a Thruster fin set as standard. The ModFun and Mini-Long shapes come with 3 fin boxes and a Thruster fin set offering an even balance of drive and release for all round surfing. The Torq Longboard comes with a 2+1 set up, offering all round performance with the option of single fin only.