Edouard Delpero Pro

Smooth progressive lines and critical noserides

This is the model Edouard won his 2019 Surf Relik World longboard title on.
Edouard and Alain worked on that shape to find the perfect balance of modern and classic surfing on a Longboard.

The aggressive outline and rocker will allow you to manœuvre the board at your highest potential while the lift will allow you to hold noserides in critical sections of the waves.

This model took Edouard on top of the 2019 Relik World Longboard Tour, 4 WSL European titles and a win at the WSL Cuervo surf Ranch Classic in 2021 with smooth progressive lines and critical noserides.


9’1 x 22 1/4” x 2 3/4” - 63.8 ltr



Usually you can have strength, light weight or a good price. In ACT, you can have all three.

ACT boards have a super strong 2 x 4oz + Bamboo reinforcement on the deck and a 6oz + 4oz lay-up on the bottom, but they weigh around the same as a light glassed PU board.

Most importantly; they respond better. The feel of these boards is like no other surfboard - they are incredibly responsive. The unhindered flex and zero dead weight means all of the energy that you put through your feet is delivered into the turn with none of the ‘deadening’ effect from the resin.



For lengths of 8'6 and over we have introduced a T-stringer and UD carbon triple strips on the deck and bottom for a new level of torsional strength. The torq longboard technology is incredibly strong, light and responsive.

With 3 layers of glass on the deck and 2 layers on the base, these are super strong, light and feel fast under your feet.