Seaweed forests are disappearing across the world, from pollution, coastal developments, oceanwarming and other factors. Seaweed plants can reverse acidification in our oceans, build up depleted fish stocks and capture carbon at least five times more efficiently than tropical forests.

SeaForester is an environmental impact company dedicated to restoring the forgotten forests of our ocean, creating vibrant ocean ecosystems for the benefits of communities around the world.

Torq surfboards is supporting SeaForester
in re-seeding seaweed on the seabed.
For every Torq surfboard we sell, we contribute to SeaForester to seed, grow and deploy
1 seaweed on the seabed.

Look for this sticker on the boards


SeaForester replants the ocean and restores seaweed ecosystems using innovative seaforestation techniques.

The main approach involves the seeding of small stones with seaweed spores, growing them on land in specialised nurseries and deploying them in the sea. The seeded stones can be scattered from a boat without the need for divers or technical equipment, providing a low-cost and scalable seaforestation solution.

The total area along our coasts where the sea is sufficiently shallow for sunlight to penetrate and sustain marine vegetation, is roughly the same as the world’s tropical forests combined, about the size of Europe or the United States. Fully utilising the potential of what we call the Blue Front Yard is key to tackle global climate and environmental challenges, while creating local benefits for coastal communities.

Seaweed species, such as kelp, are among the world’s fastest growing plants, delivering rapid rates of photosynthesis. Kelp forests can sustain large abundances of fish because of the nutrients it contains and the habitat it creates. Growing seaweed forests, or restoring ones that have disappeared, is a viable method of helping nature help itself to mitigate climate change.

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