Torq Technology

The torq brand was founded on a new and revolutionary way of producing surfboards with perfect accuracy and nearly no waste. From Day One we aimed to make Torq Surfboards the most efficient, low waste product that we can.

When we began in 2011 surfboard making was well behind other composite industries. The hand shaping process and materials were developed in the 1950’s. While a number of people explored new techniques, in the main not much had changed in the 50 years until the 2000’s. Meanwhile the composites industry had moved on to exotic materials and process; biaxial fibers, pre-preg laminates, epoxy resins.

Our aim was to develop better, stronger, lighter and more affordable surfboards, using these new processes and materials

TET – Torq Epoxy Technology

Our TET changed how surfboards could be made, using Biaxial cloth and epoxy resin in precision cut molds CNC’d from a block of aluminum.

It’s a super lean, super accurate process – extremely low waste and powered by solar energy.

TET is the strongest boards we make and offer incredible value.


In 2016 Channel Islands surfboards recognised the process and we developed a carbon enhanced version for a model colab: X-Lite, now with 3 CI models in the range.

These use the same super lean, super accurate process as TET – extremely low waste and powered by solar energy.

X-Lite mixes performance, strength, lightweight and incredible value.


The torq TEC-HD combines the performance shapes and materials of our TEC range with our revolutionary super high accuracy, low waste process from TET.

The result is a board with the performance feel of TEC and the incredible value and durability of TET.

TEC- Torq Epoxy Technology

With TEC we optimised the vacuum bag process, so we’re able to double the fiber content with no extra weight. Double fiber equals double strength. But we avoid the excessive cost of vacuum bag Carbon boards.

In 2022 we opened up TEC colabs with world champ longboarder Edouard Delpero and his shaper Alain Minvielle, followed by Rusty Surfboards in 2023.

TEC is the best mix of lightweight and durability.

ACT – Advanced Composite Technology

ACT was the pinnacle of what we set out to achieve. Pre-preg has been the highest level of composite for years but requires a lot of heat and pressure to cure the resin fiber matrix. The technique to apply this to PU or EPS foam blanks had eluded everyone who had tried pre-preg surfboards.

In 2019 we released ACT; the first pre-preg EPS Epoxy surfboards. Still by far the most advanced surfboards, ACT is now available in Rusty and Delpero/Minvielle shapes.

ACT is the most advanced, highest performing surfboard tech in the world.